For many photographers, modularity is the name of the game. Large camera bags can be cumbersome if you’re a photojournalist, a wedding photographer, or even if you just want easy access to your kit without hassle and bulk. Thinktank’s holsters combine with their belts to provide an accessible system with all-day comfort. You can add a variety of extra components for storing flashes, consumables and memory cards, even a water bottle.

Digital Holster 5
Digital Holster 10 v2.0
Digital Holster 20 v2.0
Digital Holster 30 v2.0
Digital Holster 40 v2.0
Digital Holster 50 v2.0
Think Skin Belt v2.0
Pro Speed Belt v2.0
Steroid Speed Belt v2.0
Digital Holster Harness v2.0